BRICS Astronomy Magazine

The BRICS Astronomy Magazine was created as a platform to showcase the activities of the BRICS Astronomy Working Group. Whose mission it is – to promote cooperation between BRICS member countries in the field of Astronomy and enabling technologies through joint activities of government, universities, research institutions, and industry. This is in order to develop astronomical sciences, generate new knowledge, train human capital, develop new technologies and applications, and improve public understanding of science. 

It goes without saying that Astronomy is at the forefront of science and technology and has the potential to answer fundamental questions. As an area that unites society and transcends boundaries it holds the potential to speak to society at large. Astronomy is also a key driver of innovation and an important catalyst for scientific and technical development, as well as empowering human capacity for the knowledge-based economy of the future.

The Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa (DSI), acts as the secretariat to the Astronomy Working Group. And the formation and implementation of cooperation activities of the BRICS Astronomy Working Group follow the principles of voluntarism and openness.