Press Release 

For Immediate Release 

The highly anticipated second edition of BRICS Astronomy magazine is now available for all to explore and enjoy. Following the success of the inaugural edition, the latest release continues to showcase the collaborative efforts and groundbreaking research happening within the BRICS countries in the field of astronomy. 

Available for download in PDF format on or accessible online via the BRICS Astronomy magazine website, this latest issue promises to captivate readers with its engaging articles and insightful features. 

In collaboration with the BRICS Working Group, BRICS Astronomy magazine serves as a vital platform for promoting visibility and sharing the innovative work being conducted in astronomy across the BRICS nations. It also aims to communicate these achievements to a broader audience, including the global astronomy community, governmental bodies and the general public. 

This edition of the magazine offers a diverse range of topics, catering to readers with varying interests and expertise levels. From an in-depth look at Mapping the Milky Way and Local Group Galaxies with AMASE (page 12) to Astronomy Education and Public Outreach in India (page 22), each article provides valuable insights into the dynamic and evolving field of astronomy. 

Readers will also find coverage of the BRICS Summit, offering a glimpse into the gathering where leaders discussed key issues and initiatives shaping the future of collaboration among BRICS nations. 

In addition to these featured articles, the magazine is packed with many more captivating stories and updates from the world of astronomy, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

For those eager to obtain a hard copy of the magazine, stay tuned to the BRICS Astronomy magazine social media pages for updates on distribution locations. Copies will be made available at universities, astronomy tourism sites, libraries, and other select locations throughout the BRICS countries. 

For more information or any inquiries, please contact: 

Duduzile Kubheka 

Social media: @BRICSAstronomy