The BRICS Programme focuses on two key areas: 1) the scientific advance, within the BRICS partners, of the rapidly expanding domain of wide-field multi-wavelength imaging sky surveys and the detection and study of transient and time-variable phenomena in the Universe, and 2) technical solutions to the associated enormous Big Data and Big Compute challenges arising from modern worldwide networks of transient detectors and imaging surveys by leading global projects, in which many BRICS countries are actively involved.

The mini workshop aims to bring together research groups from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to discuss results of their study within the framework of three projects: Multi-messenger Astronomy League for BRICS (MALBRICS),  Constraining the Nature of Multi-messenger Transients with Coordinated Multi-wavelength Observations (CoNMuTraMO), and Search and Follow-up Studies of Time-domain Astronomical Sources using Sky Surveys, BRICS Telescopes, and Artificial Intelligence (SAPTARISI). We invite the BRICS colleagues to make presentations on the following topics:

  • MM and MW transient astronomical events 
  • Deep Survey science 
  • Modeling
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical methods

The BRICS Astronomy Workshop will be held on the 5th of December, 2023, at 11:00-14:30 UTC.

This corresponds to the following regional time zones:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 08:00-11:30
Cape Town, South Africa 13:00-16:30
Moscow, Russia 14:00-17:30
Delhi, India 16:30-20:00
Beijing, China 19:00-22:30

More information about the workshop can be accessed on the meeting website: